Romania and Bulgaria are among the countries with the poorest populations in Europe. Thousands of people live in ghettos and shanty towns in disgusting conditions and are excluded from society. In these communities, the custom of early marriages is widespread (even before the age of 10-12!!!). Illiteracy and school drop-outs are highly prevalent. Very few children in these communities finish primary school. Because of these factors, there is poverty and lack of family responsibility and children and adolescents grow up in a context of domestic violence. Most girls by the age of 18 have already been married, at least twice, and have one or two children. Usually people in these communities do not think and plan for their future, what is important to them is the present and having food, clothes and warm houses. In addition to these problems we see many cases of addiction to alcohol, smoking and drugs. Many rely on theft or begging in Western countries to survive. Life Share Italia supports projects in which we provide underprivileged children with help to attend school (with afternoon support courses) and their families with some of the necessary items such as food, clothing and basic sanitary items. During the cold months we support soup kitchens run by local partners in the most deprived neighbourhoods to offer children a hot meal once a day.