In many places, the need is great, so Life Share Helps bring the aid directly to the people who need it most. The association has a holistic approach and works in partnership with local non-governmental organizations. Donations and other resources are used efficiently and specifically. Many of our employees are volunteers, which the administration expense is low. We rely on your donations and generosity to carry on with our work!

Our Values
Transparency and accountability

We are committed to a prudent use of the funds entrusted to us. We take into account the donor's will and the duty to inform our donors on our projects. In our annual report we provide detailed information about the income and expenses of Life Share Helps, in particular for use of the donations. Our communication stile is committed to the truth and respects the dignity of the needy. About relief projects we report honestly and comprehensively.

Impartial humanitarian action
We help the poor and needy regardless of their nationality, ethnic origin, sex, religion, membership of a particular social group or their political beliefs. Decisive for our actions alone is to relieve the suffering of these people.

Working in network
We promote cooperation between the organizations for better helps in the emergency areas and we network at different levels in Switzerland and in Europe. We are committed to the principle of cooperation with other organizations and teams, because we believe that joined help is a faster and more efficient strategy to reach the needy.