A project that empowers communities for sustainable living
At Eden Project we believe in the holistic well-being and quality of life that extends beyond material possessions. Our mission is to create a positive transformation by fostering personal gratification in work and nurturing solid, friendly social relationships within small rural communities. To achieve this vision, we need your support to fund, maintain and multiply our impactful project.

Modelling through exampling, enabling & replicating
Our project is an ambitious endeavour aimed at developing a model farm that serves as a powerful educational tool for people seeking to embrace rural and community life. The project revolves around the principles of sharing resources, showcasing successful practices, and enabling individuals to replicate our model. By bringing attention to our region and offering practical training, we empower people to adopt effective methods and strengthen relationships within their own communities.

Introducing business empowerment
We are committed to not only fostering sustainable living but also empowering individuals to start and develop their own businesses. Through our comprehensive support system, we provide guidance, resources, and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to thrive. Our approach is built upon four foundational pillars.

Information: info@edenproject.it  -  edenproject.it